Hello every one,

My name is Sima Ebrahimi, a PhD candidate in Architecture at Qazvin Azad University in Qazvin, Iran.

Since there are scarcely any academic sources in English or Persian about what I'm interested in, I thought I could ask you for help. Living in my country makes it even harder to have access to books and written materials.

Since I started my master, I have been studying architectural qualities, which make educational environments more suitable for learning through play. This subject rounded up my interests in children's development & new approaches in learning with architecture. I thought it would be a good idea to concentrate on one of its more specific aspects for my PhD dissertation.

During my inquiries in that area, I encountered an article titled " Finland schools: Subjects scrapped and replaced with 'topics' as country reforms its education system" on INDEPENDENT. And since then, I've been wondering if I have a new approach towards my favorite research area: The link between children and Architecture.

I'm not an expert in education but I think some further studies have helped me to get familiar with Phenomenon Based Learning but I think architecture can be a suitable topic in phenomenon based learning because of its interdisciplinary nature, or as a phenomenon that surrenders us every day or as a product of team work. One can deliberate buildings and learn about history, anthropology & sociology or study construction to learn how to cope with problems in physics, geometry & chemistry. He/she also will practice communication skills, team work, decision making & programming and learn to apply different Medias during architectural designing. My goal is to plan a PBL course to teach some of the common school subjects, like physics, chemistry, geometry which meets all the requirements of a course.

all the few materials I've found have addressed the public audience but I need to know about the philosophical, historical, cultural and social backgrounds which led to the introduction of his new method and Now there is where I need help, hopefully from you! I really appreciate if you could help me answer the following questions:

Which characteristics make a phenomenon suitable for PBL? Do you think Architecture has such characteristics? Apparently there are schools applying PBL, how can I find them and get information on their teaching materials & methods?

What do you think of the relationship between methods like project based learning and phenomenon based learning? Is the latter the expansion of the former, the result of it, or the next step applying it?

As far as I know Finnish teachers are completely free in designing and developing their own curriculum. Are there any organizations or institutes which decide about the topics used in this method? If yes, are they willing to help experts in fields other than education? Because I really need their help.

Thank you so much!

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Hi Sima,

and welcome to the group. What a great idea having Architecture as a phenomen and using PBL in studying it! I'm not sure if I'm qualified to answer all you adequate questions, but I'll try to help you finding the answers. It's a late evening or should I say early morning in Finland though and the weekend coming. I'll make some inquiries in my network during next week.

Happy weekend


Thank you dear Tuija, that would be great :)

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